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With video available at YouTube this Bill of Materials feature of our device friendly Tritex Accounting Web™ application can be located in its Codes/Inventory and Reports/Inventory sub menus, and provides formula maintenance on a user-friendly tree-view interface, and up to 5 quantity-extension production levels, each step including ample notes and an optional image or diagram.  It also provides the corresponding Extension Report for the formulas, and the Raw Material Requirements report, which allows back order filtering, selection and ordering by 'chronological / finished product / customer name', or by any combination of the 3, thereby providing production flexibility when pressed with component purchases, as each different ordering sequence depletes the report's raw material differently, yielding requirement or purchasing priority changes.  The Codes/Inventory menu also includes reports for Production on Quantity Available, and Production for Specified Quantity with the automatic quantity-transfer-to-finished-product option available only when not running into any raw material shortages, and when there is something to produce.  Using recallable user criteria such as 4 combinations of ordering-by 'order number / product code / customer name', criteria for 'Production, Non Production or All', and ranges for order number, entry date, customer number, customer name, order status and product code the Projected Job Cost report details and extends item cost, labor and sales price based on the quantity ordered, compares cost and price and provides a profit amount and estimated gross profit percent.  The report excludes raw material that belongs in a BOM formula, and also skips unfilled and filled back orders, as the original order already reports for the group.  The Reports/Inventory menu provides the Production Forecast report, which includes finished product quantity sold for the past 12 months, and quantity forecasted for the current month, extends raw material shortages, and is based on previous year history for that month.  The Production on Quantity Available, Production for Specified Quantity and Production Forecast reports end in a Pending Purchases Breakdown section.  All reports include drill down and search features, and user criteria is recalled when applicable.  Please note that we can assist with the conversion of any previous BOM formulas from other systems, as well as the conversion of any other current or historical data.
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