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Quick Pix Size Publish™ is normally downloaded and setup in a Windows desktop, server or laptop computer.  The graphics generation tool was designed to help the photographer with publishing of normalized images and corresponding thumbnails to be sized and laid out per specific web gallery folder.  For instance, when 900 camera images for a specific event are each around 2 to 3 MB in size, and you need to populate a dedicated folder with 900 approcimately 90 to 170 KB images and an adjacent thumbs folder with the corresponding 900 thumbnails of 5 to 25 KB each, and specifically follow a thumbnail layout rule for just that folder of thumb width, number across and total per page you know that you are in for some work.  And in this case this tool will perform all of the above in a minute, and you can then port to the web, browse the new area, and locate the few of the images that need repositioning to another area, or manual normalization, if any.
More Details:

While unlicensed, this application is the only means to perform registration, to login and purchase, or to request an unlock key, which are the 3 steps required to validate the license in each computer, but you register only once.  Setup automatically applies administrative privileges as the application is installed only once per computer.  Therefore switching users will employ the same license, which is located in the common application data folder under a sub-folder for the application.

You may Download the Quick Pix Size Publish application from this link, or follow the Products menu.   Or you can view a Video demonstration.

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