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About Tritex Accounting Web
Featured at YouTube this multi-user accounting application is designed to simplify everyday tasks for different industries, runs on all modern browsers of any operating system in any computer or device, can deliver powerful reports and extensive history in many configurations, and does not require installations or application updates by the client.  Written in C#® the ASP.NET web based application surpasses its Windows predecessor, retaining and enhancing its valuable functions, such as the dynamic menus based on preference or user driven screen options, our analysis, recommendations and help on preferential and look up settings, global or user report parameter recall, and the ability to adjust the existing application to enable growth for or changes in your organization, while adding new features including esthetics, productivity, mobility, grid recall per session and/or user, enhanced possibility of new options based on your valued requests, additional reports and filtering, a complete Bill of Materials module, and a sturdy database at the user's end.  For most grids the user would dedicate valuable time for specific filter/sort/paging, advance to the results window, and for the same session eventually return to the same filter, sort, paging and record, thus continuing where it was left off.  And for reports and other screens the criteria is retained per user or globally, thereby saving lots of time and effort.  These features are hard to find as standard in today's cluttered and profit driven environment.
The adjacent diagram illustrates the application and data flow, where the only requirements are to incorporate and fine tune our provided database on your end in a SQL Server™ or a free SQL Server Express™ environment.  In this example four users in two separate organizations are connecting to our application servers, which securely route them to the corresponding data on their end, while reports are also archived at their location through their designated no-reply email account, or through our simplified export to PDF feature.  The application security employs a 256-bit encrypted Secure Socket Layer connection, Windows authentication to prevent anonymous access, a captcha driven login mechanism to prevent automated breaching efforts, and a secure company password.  Your data provides a configurable login user name and password, and company and user preferences then determine which menu items are omitted from the user, or which items are partially or fully available to the user, such as read-only Chart of Accounts or limited company maintenance.  When the first license is purchased your Company Name and User ID are provided to us and we randomize a Company Code for you to login.  When follow up licenses are purchased just the new User ID is provided to us.  When resetting a user password, or removing a user from your database we expect the details from you in order to sync to our application servers.  Also you can have us reset the company code at any time, especially after you change personnel.  Please reference the below bulleted security measures.

We fully enforce referential integrity throughout a vast number of objects in the robust SQL Server™ database, thus helping prevent data related errors or loss.  We then assist in populating this performance driven database.  The affordable multiuser application provides powerful reports, which recall global and user parameters, including search and variable control breaks and drill down, even if run from a cell phone.  Its seamless email of sales invoice or quote, customer statement, late notice and purchase order also copy you through a company designated email account, thus minimizing on paper use.  Its ability to upload salesperson and product images, and general reporting graphical messages or logos to the company table conform to its predecessor Windows application, but can now be done from a cell phone.  And its purchase order and inventory control sub-systems enforce quantity on hand, whether you work remotely or from the office.  Purchase Order entry automatically logs up to 3 price changes per vendor/product, and new line item entries automatically recall the last price for the current vendor/product.  Any P/O price adjustment will archive the last price for that vendor/product, rotating the 3 prices, while losing the oldest one.  Sales Order entry recalls pricing methods that are based on a customer's look-up of special sales price by date, hourly rate, price code level per customer/product (namely RepBillPrice), customer price level code by percent over last-cost-in/average-cost/inventory-price (least maintenance but level is not by product), or prices straight off of the inventory code per unit of measure or per each, whichever sales order entry automatically finds first.  Therefore the proper and precise setup can lead to a rewarding return, and to a great and proficient model for your ongoing maintenance.

Also a Bill of Materials (BOM) feature is included in Inventory Control, which provides very useful job costing routines, including forecasted material requirements, which sub-system is featured in the above BOM tab, and also at YouTube.  Our closing routines specify the needed reports and controls previous to the closing step, and in addition ask again before the user begins the closing.  If a user disregards these warnings and damages the data at year's end a restoration of the database is in order to prevent the loss of sales comparisons between years, whether by Customer, Product or Salesperson.  Or should a user close the year more than once then the year comparisons get rolled over into oblivion and get lost.  If unsure whether you already closed then attempt to obtain the control report, and if it is empty then you have already closed.  For periodic or monthly closings the user should obtain the final and full printout or export to PDF previous to initializing the period, which should be performed only once for that period.

By allowing the initial setup of only customer billing aspects and inventory code the application provides a fast implementation of your Sales Order, Invoicing, Accounts Receivable, Cash Receipts and Inventory Control, which quantity on hand is also optional.  You may then incorporate the other sub-systems, or you may include them at the beginning, while the full-fledged application provides purchase order, inventory control, pricing analysis/strategy, pricing methods as specified above, accounts payable, accounts payable disbursements, manufacturing, bill of materials, wholesale, distributor, retail and service preferences, sales order, order status, customer quotes, customer invoice, accounts receivable, cash receipts, multiple payments, partial payments, cash discounts, sales discounts, salesman commission, chart of accounts, general ledger, financial reports, and your ability to provide suggestions for the application, which we take seriously.  The application comes with all of the above options, whether some are used or not.

With the data files residing at your location any data upgrades do require our secure access to keep them up to date.  Your database should be backed up on your end on a regular basis, while we can guide you in learning backup/restore procedures.  If you are new to SQL Server we can also guide you in obtaining, installing and maintaining its latest version, where SQL Server Express is a free product, which limitations might not affect you, such as over 2 billion objects, over 16 terabytes of data file size, and over 2 terabytes of log file size, while the simple recovery model keeps the log file size down, and requires less maintenance.  Over the long haul you gain valuable experience in this environment, while we assist you with performance aspects, such as utilizing table index optimization in lieu of database shrinking.  We also help you with manually querying data in your database, but do not encourage bypassing the application interface.  Please compare our pricing to the monthly costs of engaging a database in a remote cloud computer, where you get billed monthly for the data and backup gigabytes, and for database maintenance (or you perform it yourself), with no mention of a fully integrated accounting application, where you have to purchase, license it per user, and keep up with tedious application or data updates, with less of a chance to actually concentrate on the business.  Just imagine the scenario of your business expansion requiring the wise selection of what additional lookup table to be added to relationships and not to user-defined lingo.  And to the proper implementation to prevent redundancy in your database, and to guarantee performance and minimize maintenance through years to come, for there will be several expansions for sure.  Here is where we are there to assist you, to analyze your current information, to convert previous repetitious values to already existing look-up tables that you were not aware of, and to keep your database in sync, fluent, and performance driven.

As your business progresses you may find the need to expand your procedures, where keeping in contact might yield existing options that you had not yet tapped unto, and may simply require populating an existing look up table to further incorporate it into your logic, or implementing a system preference that would turn on features which you did not know you had access to.  Or there may be a time saving option that you were not aware of, such as services at customer hourly rates, which calculate hours based on date/time ranges.  And should the request for a new feature represent a potential improvement to the application we can consider and implement it based on system preferences.  You grow with us, and we grow with you.

New accounts start out with a predefined Chart of Accounts and basic look up information, while the actual salesperson, vendor, terms, types and other look up data, as well as system preferences, users and user permission are initially analyzed and setup.  Once look up information is setup the Company and Preference settings are further tuned up for your specific industry, the actual customers and vendors are then entered, while their look up information is already in place.  Next are the current transactions, their status and balances, and history.  We help you achieve a successful implementation, assisting with the initial data entry and setup, and determining the flavor of SQL Server to hold your database.  We also specialize in converting your data from other sources to SQL Server, and for a fair fee will step through look up tables, customers, vendors, current transactions, and even history in the process of incorporating your new database.  Since we apply referential integrity to your data it might be necessary to adjust look up information, such as a missing salesperson, where we would need your cooperation.  Once a database is up to par it is nearly impossible to break it, however, to keep away from redundancy issues please consult with us previous to implementing an idea, with or without look-up tables.
In view of the advantages of running any part of the application remotely from a computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone, and with your security taking precedence we have incorporated a web session timeout of 600 minutes after each login, and an inactivity timeout of 60 minutes, which is a long enough time for security and compliance related reasons.  For instance, going to lunch means logging out of the application.  Regardless of the reason for closing the browser without first logging out we have permitted the same users to login again, even if the system still considers them to already be logged in, however, if for some reason the user was still physically logged into the application then that earlier session will encounter a warning with automatic logout upon any navigation performed, as each license constitutes a user at a time.  Therefore save any changes previous to attempting to perform another same-user login concurrently.  In essence, just save your changes as often as possible.  Please be aware that the improvement to run the company remotely from a PC or device requires added security and compliance measures to be followed.
Security recommendations:
  • Any computer or laptop to be used to run this application should regularly apply the latest security updates.  Computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones should either be dedicated to the application, or their users should become security savvy, and well-informed and perceptive about not disclosing your data on some social network by enforcing as much privacy as possible on their profiles, about never saving passwords, never lending your computer or device if it is intended to run this application, and generally in protecting the database, as if it were your own health.
  • Even though our servers employ highly encrypted SSL connections we recommend the use of your own PC, laptop, tablet or cell phone, rather than a shared or borrowed computer or device at a public hotspot or relative's house.  If on a public hotspot and you need to login to the application then use your own data plan to connect for the smaller duration of time, rather than their public Wi-Fi.  And note that your device could get pried upon while on the Wi-Fi, and then when switching to your plan's connection it might already be in trouble, remember about the existence of key loggers that steal your passwords.  That is the reason for dedicating devices to the application.
  • For a home Wi-Fi connection make sure that the highest available security protocol employs a strong password, otherwise third parties or neighbors could attempt to unencrypt the packets to get to your data.  WEP is the lowest denominator, and an easy to crack protocol, therefore use WPA, or preferably WPA2 if available.  But a Wi-Fi connection without any security is a grave mistake, even if our application additionally encrypts communications with the user and their database.  Also get used to clearing your browser cache, cookies and related data after every use, and specifically just learn how to do it.  And never leave the workplace without having logged out from the application, cleared the browser cache, closed the browser and locked the computer or device, even if you think you'll be alone.  If you will certainly be alone then any inactivity over 60 minutes will automatically log you off, but not lock your screen, therefore always setup screens to timeout with a lock, and always require a password to unlock a PC or device.  Note that even when no harm is intended a shared home computer or device should never be used to run this application.  Please train all of your personnel to avoid use of the browser back button or typing into the URL window, as it will certainly get trapped by the application at certain navigation spots, and you might lose recent entries.  For instance user 1 logs off and takes a break, user 2 presses the back button to enter your login state, but this application will trap that move.  Or user 1 logs off of the application and additionally closes the browser, and then user 2 attempts to browse into a specific application URL path they saw before, but the application traps that as well.  Of course, there are instances where login state did not change, and the back arrow would then work, but you might lose changes that were not yet saved, or cause a previous operation to be repeated.  As a rule of thumb navigate only through the interface, and never leave it unattended.
  • Never use a computer or device to run this application if there is a possibility of intrusion due to noticeable performance degradation, or to a known incident that could be suspected to be virus or spam, even if not that malicious.  Be aware that many tools that claim to clean up your software might be compromised themselves.  Once infected only a computer drive format or device reset and reinstall of all safe apps are about the only safe way out.  Better yet, a good image backup is the fastest and easiest recovery, while this applies to the Windows operating system.  Please consult your device vendor to insure that you can retain all of your contacts and other information previous to a device reset.  Keep this rule of thumb all the time:  A PC or device intended to run this application should almost be dedicated to it, and questionable internet browsing, emailing or texting should usually be performed with other machines or devices.  Any sign of performance degradation could be a sign of intrusion, and it is better to be safe than sorry.  Email messages that are sent to or received from multiple recipients are more apt to be infected due to the volume.  Open email attachments only if you feel that senders are not infected victims themselves, and that they are not being impersonated.
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