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Tritex Accounting™ is a multi-user accounting package designed to simplify everyday tasks for different industries, and runs on the latest 2023 Windows® server/desktop/laptop platforms going back to 2000.  It is an easy to learn and to use program, which includes on-line context-sensitive help, and can deliver powerful reports and extensive history in many configurations.  Its setup supplies a predefined and logical Chart of Accounts and related settings, thereby enabling a speedy installation.  Security consists of a configurable login user name and password, which, together with the specific company preferences, determines which menus and menu items are displayed or available to the user.  The bottom of this page mentions the re-write of our Windows application into the web version, but you are advised to read on below, for the web application inherits most of the features, enhancing them and adding new aspects, while employing slightly different licensing.
More Details:
The must-see program merits a very close look.  A free 30-day demo can be downloaded through the '30 day demo' link.  Please note that our 'Tritex Accounting Web' application has inherited all of the great features of the Windows® application, and added new powerful features, securely running in our servers on your secured SQL Server database, thus automatically keeping you up to date.  If you decided to host your SQL Server database then any changes or upgrades to tables or structure would require our secured login in order to sync with the application.
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